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Surviving the Valley Series
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Diet changes

This week has been interesting in the diet area.  I've learned that anything eaten in a hamburger bun is called a hamburger--whether it's chicken, turkey burgers, sloppy joes, or just ham and cheese.  So, we've been having a lot of "hamburgers" all week.

We introduced him to sweet corn, and he wasn't quite sure about the change in taste.  All he could say was that the corn in his country has a much saltier flavor.  We also introduced him to a loaded baked potato last night.  That one completely threw him for a loop.  First, because I cooked the potatoes in the microwave (hey, I'm not about to heat up my house by using a hot oven in the middle of near hundred degree weather).  He thought I was the strangest person ever.  Then when we showed him how to load up his potato and eat it, he preferred to just pick it up and eat it like a hot dog.  We told him people might think he's a bit strange, and he said, "Hey.  I'm with family.  When I'm around other people, I'll eat it the correct way."

Yesterday we also introduced him to muffins.  I made my "famous" banana bread recipe, but in muffins instead of bread.  Since muffins look like cupcakes, he didn't like it at first because he thought he was eating a dry, plain cupcake without the necessary frosting on top.  That led into a whole other discussion on the difference between muffins and cupcakes.  After that, he liked the muffins.  

Transitioning him into American mealtimes and quantities has not been easy.  He finds himself hungry--all the time.  I'm finding that increasing his food intake during the day doesn't help at all, though, because by nine or ten at night, he's still starving.  Hopefully his body begins to adjust by the time school starts! 

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