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I am a wife, daughter, mother, bilingual teacher, poet, author, women's Bible study teacher, world traveler, orphan advocate, and an adoptive mother.  Our adoption journey has been filled with a lot of hurt and loss, along with even more hope, grace, and healing.  Through it we have experienced more of God than we ever bargained for and have watched Him miraculously redeem our story when we surrendered all the broken pieces to Him.

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Surviving the Valley Series
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Time to recollect

Women's Bible studies started tonight . . . and I didn't go. I didn't even sign up. I will readily admit, though, that it was a hard decision for me. One that I had to make far ahead of time. 

I had to remember that whatever I say yes to means I am saying no to something else. Saying yes would have meant saying no to one evening each week that I can take a breath and just chill. One night a week that both the boys are gone, so I can spend time writing if I so desire. One quiet night in the middle of the week when I can declutter my desk, organize the many papers passing through, go through my endless checklists with due dates for this and that, and make sure no one misses any deadlines comng up. One night a week to take care of myself--which I find quite necessary during this particular month of school (Parent Conference Month). 

Up until four years ago, I braced for Parent Conference week twice a year. Now it's Parent Conference month, literally taking up two months of my year. Not only does the extra time and attention drain me, but it's always right in the middle of flu season. Once I schedule all 44 conferences throughout the month, then I stress way more than necessary every time a child coughs or sneezes on me for fear of getting sick and having to reschedule a bunch of them. And yes, that has actually happened--thus, why I tend to stress about it.

If Bible studies started in March instead of February, it would be a different story. But tonight as I'm sitting here nursing a slight headache and headcold, I'm glad I am sitting at home able to rest. 

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