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Surviving the Valley Series
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Not the party I planned

I have never been the mom to do parties. I'm not a party person, I'm an introvert, and I don't like to feel like I have to entertain someone.  David's pretty introverted, too, so he's never really cared. We've always kept birthdays pretty low-key and either celebrated as a family or with a few close friends.

However, Juan David specifically asked for a party for his 18th birthday. First he wanted to go to a trampoline place to jump his heart out, but then we decided on go-carts to prevent any knee or ankle injuries the week before a big soccer tournament.

We found a place in Dallas to book a party with go-carts.  Due to price and distance, we decided on a double birthday party for both boys. Mike's first full paycheck came just in time so we could afford it. We looked at the calendar and found November 1st to be our only free day to plan a double party for the boys due to a soccer tournament, a middle school retreat, and a high school retreat, and Thanksgiving/Black Friday on all the other weekends. We scheduled a 3 hour party so the boys could invite a few close friends for a time of unlimited go-carts (and maybe a little time for the arcade, some pizza, cake, and miniature golfing).

That was the plan. Until it rained.

Then nothing went as planned after that.

We sat in the birthday party room looking out the window at the wet go-cart tracks with downcast faces.  I felt like the family in the Home Alone movie that all sat in a hotel room watching it rain on the beach in front of them.

However, we made the most of it, enjoyed as much as we could, and are thankful that Speed Zone reset our 3 hour cards so we can still go back to enjoy the go-carts another day. The trick will be to find a day when their friends and cousins can go back with us.

Here are some pics of our party that didn't quite go as planned.

The birthday boys with their birthday stickers. :) 

The teddy bear that Juan David won on his turn to spin the wheel (that he did NOT want a picture of).

Oh, the disappointment, looking out at the wet go-cart track. 

The arcade was fun, but 3 hours of it was a bit too long.

The gifts they exchanged with each other before the party. (David got Juan David a phone cover that has both a Colombian flag and a US flag. Juan David got David the jacket that David is wearing.) 

Look how tall David has gotten! I think he's going to pass Juan David up before the year is over. By their heights, you sure can't tell there's four years difference between them!

I told them they have to wait for their actual birthdays to get their gifts from us. Don't worry. I'll put more pics and I will also take plenty of pics when we find a chance to ride the go-carts on a SUNNY day.

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