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I am a wife, daughter, mother, bilingual teacher, poet, author, women's Bible study teacher, world traveler, orphan advocate, and an adoptive mother.  Our adoption journey has been filled with a lot of hurt and loss, along with even more hope, grace, and healing.  Through it we have experienced more of God than we ever bargained for and have watched Him miraculously redeem our story when we surrendered all the broken pieces to Him.

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Surviving the Valley Series
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Friday, July 11, 2014

A day to celebrate

One year ago today, on July 11, 2013, I signed the Adoption decree, making Juan David an official Alspaugh.  I'd already been sick for several days with some pretty nasty stomach issues.  I could barely eat and feared going out anywhere without quick access to a restroom.  (Not a good situation in Bogota). I just prayed that I'd be okay the day my lawyer finally called me to come.

He told me to be ready for his call Thursday morning.  I waited several hours, more discouraged every hour. When you're sick, all you want to do is go home.  I finally told the boys that I needed to lay down for awhile. After a brief, late-morning nap, my phone finally rang.

"Come now!" What a relief to hear him say those words.  I jumped out of bed, brushed my hair, and grabbed the boys.  We headed into the city toward the court to finally sign that decree.  We did a little more sight-seeing afterwards, since we hadn't been to that part of the city yet, and I fortunately didn't need a restroom for those few hours.

After getting back to the mall by our apartment, we celebrated at our favorite restaurant, Crepes and Waffles. With the Adoption decree signed, we knew it was only a matter of days before we could finally go home to start our lives together as a complete family.

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