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I am a wife, daughter, mother, bilingual teacher, poet, author, women's Bible study teacher, world traveler, orphan advocate, and an adoptive mother.  Our adoption journey has been filled with a lot of hurt and loss, along with even more hope, grace, and healing.  Through it we have experienced more of God than we ever bargained for and have watched Him miraculously redeem our story when we surrendered all the broken pieces to Him.

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Surviving the Valley Series
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Love that social media

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse, all at the same time.  After going through a series at church on how technology has changed us, I've been deeply convicted about how much time I spend on social media in front of my children (and other people).  Most days I do better, but I confess, sometimes it really has the power to draw me away from the things I should be cherishing the most.  God is working on me.

With that being said, I will also be the first to tell you what an incredible tool it can be when used appropriately. Without it, I would likely have never grown so close to Julian after the adoption fell apart the first time.  Without our relationship with him, well, let's just say that Juan David would not be a part of our family today.

I love the way that social media has connected me to other Christian writers who inspire me to follow that path.  I also love the way that it has connected me with family, aunts, uncles, and cousins that I barely knew growing up because so many miles separated us.  I think it's amazing how it helped me reconnect with my host family in Argentina, whom I still love very dearly.

Recently, social media has blessed me by connecting me with other adoptive families specifically adopting from Colombia.  I've found other families who walked a road very similar to ours, realizing that our experience was not all that unique, sadly. I've read other blogs of people who have fought a fight like ours for their children and are currently still fighting.  I've seen success stories of families who have adopted sibling sets, warming my heart to know that another set of brothers or sisters did not have to split up.

I've watched families who were once strangers rejoice together over recent approvals and referrals.  My heart has ached with families who were "stuck" in Colombia for 9-10 weeks (or more) to finish out the adoption, making me grateful for the five weeks our in-country process took a year ago.  Colombia is a beautiful place to be, but a stay that long, apart from the rest of your family, living life in limbo with no control over how long you're there, can have quite a negative impact on you mentally, emotionally, and especially financially.

I've encountered many fellow Christians who accept that their whole experience has a purpose, no matter what the outcome.  How encouraging to find other people walking that road of faith.

Just yesterday, I met someone from our previous hometown area, Winona Lake, IN, who is in the process of adopting two older girls from Colombia.  Our paths never crossed because we moved away before they ever moved there, but we found out that we have mutual friends!  Small world.

When used the right way at the right time, social media really can be a blessing!

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