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Surviving the Valley Series

Surviving the Valley Series
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 Spring Soccer Season

Both boys' soccer seasons have officially ended, as of last night at 10 pm (a rain out date for Juan David's last game).  The majority of the teams finished out their season right before the big tournament that consumed our entire weekend.  I like the tournaments because they add a lot of excitement, and we make them a family deal.  They sure do wear you out, though, when you've got two involved. 

David's team struggled a bit through the season this year, falling into fourth place after holding third for most of the time. They held 3rd place for the previous two seasons, though, so here is a picture of their trophy ceremony to receive their 2013 trophies.


They ended up in first place after the first day of the tournament, but then took a loss in the semi-final game the next morning.  That likely made them 3rd or 4th  (but they only list 1st and 2nd).

Juan David's team did well in their season, but finally lost two games to the same team, a team that is actually a group of refugees from several other countries.  They play a mighty fine game. JD's team ended up having to play against them again for the final game in the tournament.  Both teams played their hearts out and wouldn't let the other team get a single goal.  After going into overtime and still no goals scored, they went to the penalty kicks.  Juan David was pretty excited that he made one of the penalty kicks to help his team win the championship--for the second season in a row!  They ended up getting second place for the regular season.  In the fall when they start up, they jump from U16 to U19, so their competition will change quite a bit.  

We're so thankful for the team God put him on, the families of the other players, and especially their coach's dedication to the boys.  I have a lot of respect for both boys' coaches and the role that they play in my sons' lives. 

Photo: Tournament Champions again! (Only after going into overtime and then to penalty kicks to win the game). Go FC Garland!

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